aubier-montezillon-oiseau-acceuilThe Triglav Circle promotes an approach to international relations and public policy grounded in moral and spiritual values that are to be expressed in ethical norms and behavior. To this end it aspires to enrich the discourse on global problems with cultural, philosophical, and spiritual perspectives.

Societal change is rapid and massive, ushering in-besides its material benefits-serious disturbances in human relations and in the natural environment. These issues call for a broadened socio-political vision that gives priority to human dignity and to the public good. The Triglav Circle believes that wisdom, sympathy, justice and humility are universal ideals that should prevail over cynicism, violence, and selfish conceptions of individual and national interest. The Circle pursues its objectives not only through regular dialogues, edifying conversations, and in-depth research, but also through its relationship with the United Nations, its cooperation with similarly motivated organizations, and the work of individual members in their respective spheres of action.