The Circle was established to pursue the discourse begun in the United Nations Seminar on Ethical and Spiritual Dimensions of Social Progress held in Bled, Slovenia, October 1994. The seminar was a step in preparation for the World Summit for Social Development held in Copenhagen, March 1995. In January 1996, nine of the Seminar participants drew up a constitution for the Triglav Circle. Since March 1998, the Triglav Circle, Inc., has been incorporated as a non-profit organization. As of May 2001, the Circle has functioned as a non-governmental organization with Special Consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations [ECOSOC].

Significance of the Name and Logo
Triglav is the name of the mountain that serves as a national symbol for Slovenia. It was at its base that the Seminar took place. Mount Triglav is the namesake of the three-headed deity who symbolized Love, Spirit, and Wisdom and was always accompanied by his noble stallion, “equus divinus.” The design of the logo, incorporating the mountain and the horse, also invokes the symbol of the UN Social Summit. The combined symbolism evokes solidarity, responsibility, and humility in the pursuit of a harmonious world community.

The founding objective of the Circle is to realize the core messages of the Social Summit articulated in the Copenhagen Declaration:

Our societies must respond more effectively to the material and spiritual needs of individuals, their families, and the communities in which they live…

We are committed to a political, economic, ethical, and spiritual vision for social development that is based on human dignity, human rights, equality, respect, democracy, mutual responsibility and cooperation, and full respect for various religious and ethical values and cultural backgrounds of people.