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International Symposium: Development for Harmonious Societies in a Pluralistic World

Presentation of the subject for discussion 1. The world conferences organized by the United Nations in the last part of the 20th century represent an effort to define an agenda for public policy and international cooperation in a globalizing world. In particular, the World Summit for Social ...

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Forum for Social Development

Bamako, Mali - 26-30 January 2006 View full report here Barbara and Jacques Baudot were invited to participate in this official event organized and hosted by the Government of Mali, and, more specifically by Adama Diarra, Director of the National Solidarity Fund and a member of the Triglav Circle. ...

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The Moral and Political Foundations of Social Justice in an Interdependent World

16-17 September 2005 View full report here Agenda and Programme of Work The Subject 1. The fundamental equality of all human beings, born free and equal in dignity and rights, is a basic tenet of the Charter of the United Nations ...

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