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MEETING OF THE TRIGLAV CIRCLE 14-15 JUNE 2014 - NEUCHÂTEL, SWITZERLAND IDEAS ON HARMONY WITH NATURE BY ARTHUR DAHL It might help to consider our topic, the role of nature in the politics of the environment, in the context of the following steps that define how our relationship with nature (the phenomena of the material world) ...

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Nature and the Political Culture

Nature BB Final

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The Role of “Nature” in the Politics of the Environment

The last gathering of Triglav Circle Europe was held 14-15 June 2014 in the Echo Hotel L'Aubier in Neuchatel Switzerland.  The proposed topic is the roll of nature in the international politics of the environment.  The following is a descriptive note on the topic for discussion.  

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Approaching Harmony With Nature

Barbara Baudot's article Approaching Harmony With Nature, was published in the Tudor Rose publication Future Perfect.  The book was published on behalf of the United Nations. The article was published as a contribution of the Triglav Circle to the Rio + 20 process.    Link:  http://digital.tudor-rose.co.uk/future-perfect/#26  

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Triglav Report on Poverty with Addenda

Triglav Circle Notes Update. Please find reformatted report on Poverty, Meeting was held in 2003. Report contains two addenda by Peter Kulka and Saad Nagi respectively.   Triglav Notes       Seeking an Ethical Framework for Poverty Reduction                 Report on the Gathering of 2-3 May 2003 Held at the 100 Acres Retreat Center New Boston, New Hampshire       The Circle thanks Saint ...

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Report on the Gathering in Berlin, Germany

The Triglav Circle met in Berlin, Germany to discuss issues of international migration in Europe on the 24th and 25th of June. Two background papers were presented and the group was addressed by Ulrich Raiser and Genevieve Jacques as experts working directly with migrants and organizations dealing with the subject. 

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Current Crisis and the Spirit of Man

SUMMARY OF THE DISCUSSION HELD IN CAMBRIDGE, MA, 14-15 MARCH 2009 The Agenda recalled that the Circle was founded to contribute putting in practice the main decisions of the UN World Summit for Social Development held in Copenhagen in March 1995. This conference had declared that governments should ...

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The Idea of Progress and its relevance for the 21st century

REPORT ON THE MEETING HELD IN FRANCE, 9-10 JULY 2008 Four currents ran through the debate: a critique of progress, as a concept and an ideology central to the dominant form of modernity; an apology of the same idea of progress, judged by its fruits; a focus on ...

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The Cosmopolitan Ideal: Content and Actors

The Cosmopolitan Ideal: Content and Actors 25-26 March 2008 REPORT ON THE DISCUSSION Co-organized by The Triglav Circle and the Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies at the University of California, ...

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Secularism, Ethics and Politics

TRIGLAV CIRCLE, OUGNY, FRANCE, 30JUNE/1JULY 2007 The choice of this subject for debate -"secularism, ethics and politics"- and the formulation of the agenda were based on a fact and on three judgments. The observable fact was the political visibility and importance that religion has assumed in recent decades. Some ...

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