The Role of “Nature” in the Politics of the Environment

The next gathering of Triglav Circle Europe will be held 14-15 June 2014 in the Echo Hotel L'Aubier in Neuchatel Switzerland.  The proposed topic is the roll of nature in the international politics of the environment.  The following is a descriptive note on the topic for discussion.  

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Triglav Program 22 October 2011

 A TRIGLAV CIRCLE gathering was held on 22 October 2011 at Saint Anselm College Library Manchester NH. The Topic for the Meeting was  STATE OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND STATE OF WORLD POLITICS, or, MAN, NATURE, AND GLOBAL POLICY  Introduction to the Circle The Triglav Circle promotes an approach to international relations and public ...

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Revisiting the Notion of “Material and Spiritual Needs of Individual and Societies”

AGENDA AND PROGRAMME OF WORK Background The World Summit for Social Development, a conference organized in 1995 by the United Nations and attended by a large number of heads of State and Government, adopted a Declaration in which governments pledged to better address "the material and spiritual needs of ...

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Current Crises and the Spirit of Man

AGENDA AND PROGRAMME OF WORK The Circle was founded to pursue the message that the United Nations gave to the world in the 1980s and 1990s through its conferences and summits, notably the Rio Conference on Environment and Development and the Copenhagen World Summit for Social Development. In ...

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The Idea of Progress and its Relevance for the 21st Century

AGENDA AND PROGRAMME OF WORK Making a contribution to the building of a peaceful world community is certainly the raison d'etre of this Circle which was created when the United Nations, through its world conferences, was performing the role of a global assembly of governments and peoples. The various issues debated ...

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Progress and the Maintenance of Social, Cultural and Environmental Sustainability

Agenda The following agenda contains a number of suggested questions participants might address to move the discourse on this broad subject beyond the traditional debates on development taking place regularly in international and national forums where the discourse is dominated by scientific enquiry and instrumental calculations ...

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The Cosmopolitan Ideal: Content and Actors

Two years ago, in March 2006, a similar meeting took place at the University of California, Santa Barbara, on the subject of The Global Civil Society. The report on this meeting states that "were considered part of the global civil society, those organizations, movements and individuals that were working for ...

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Secularism, Ethics and Politics

THEMES AND QUESTIONS FOR DEBATE, PROGRAMME   OF WORK, and BACKGROUND NOTE THEMES AND QUESTIONS FOR DEBATE Theme 1: Do secular liberal democracies need to redefine their relations with religions, and/or with the spiritual realm? Among the issues that could be addressed: How should democracies respond ...

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Working and Human Dignity

As indicated in the letter of the coordinator of the Circle dated 16 November 2006, the subject for discussion at this gathering is "Work and Employment: their Meaning and Characteristics in a Changing World". A shorter title for such subject could be Work and Human Dignity, or Employment and ...

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Simpler Life Styles: Utopia or Reasonable Political Project – Ougny, France

 Two themes for discussion are proposed: What are the contours and characteristics of the global civil society? What is a simpler life style and what type of economy(ies) would it imply? First Theme: Why looking for simpler life-styles? Three sets of plausible reasons are ...

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