Triglav Circle has contributed to the UN

Triglav Circle has contributed to the UN compilation document for Rio + 20.  The paper submitted by the Circle 1 November 2011, was entitled Harmony with Nature.  The main narrative is followed by contributions from 13 members on this topic.  See:

In response to the Triglav article, Paul Nolette, a professor at Marquette University wrote: I thought the Triglav contribution for Rio+20 was very insightful (plus, I had actually never read James Madison’s Agricultural Society speech in full, so I’m glad your comments directed me to this excellent speech). I find the Triglav statements particularly important because of its clear stress on the necessity of philosophical reflection regarding the environment and need for changes in day-to-day norms. This contrasts with the exclusively scientific way of approaching environmental harms. For example, I find it interesting that even many environmentalists (at least in the US) place so much faith in technological changes as the key way to deal with pressing environmental concerns. I certainly do not deny the importance of new developments such as electric vehicles, more efficient solar panels, higher fuel efficiency in cars and trucks, etc. But sometimes this is viewed as a panacea, when in reality this emphasis is a reflection of the too-great faith in the market to solve everything (and the notion that we don’t really have to do anything to change our consumption patterns because “inevitable” technological innovations will save the day). Anyway, that’s been one thing I’ve been thinking about lately — the role and necessity of informal “soft” norms in social change (including environmental change).

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